I can’t believe the heights my code is reaching!

A laptop on a high ledge.

Ok, cheesy puns notwithstanding*, I am actually somewhat incredulous at my progress. On Wednesday this week it strained my abilities to come up with a simple program that used two classes. In fact, I had to ask a tutor for help to get the two classes to interact properly.

On Friday we were given an assignment to write some software that would roughly model a karaoke bar - rooms with playlists, guest lists, and so on. I tackled that with relish, and since I’ve got the whole weekend to work on it, I’ve maybe gone a bit mad with it. I’m happily adding classes like it ain’t no thang, and what started out as playlist management software has morphed into a sleazy dive bar simulator where you have to carefully judge how much to price-gouge the customers, water down the drinks, and who to eject before they get sick or violent!

There are even graphics!

Sexy ASCII intro screen.


Sexy ASCII gameplay.

* I did basically climb that mountain for the sake of that pun. I had been intending to climb Arthur’s Seat (NOT PICTURED):

A picture of me pointing to what I thought was Arthur's seat.

Turns out what I was pointing at there is actually Salisbury Crags, but I only realised that when I got to the top. Ho Hum.

Don’t worry though, dear reader - I went prepared!

A hip flask and coffee horn