I have done very little programming or development before starting this course, but I’ve always been pretty IT literate and, as a bit of a grammar nazi, I’m confident I’ve got the kind of attention to detail and mentality to make a good developer.

Me and my giant isopod

My personal interests that, sooner or later, I’d imagine I’ll code projects for:

I’m a longstanding pen & paper rpg geek, and love GMing. My most recent game has seen parallel Rogue Trader and Inquisition plotlines unfold in a Warhammer 40,000 subsector of my own creation, but using the FATE system for mechanics because seriously, f**k percentile systems in general and the WHFRP system and its derivatives in particular!

I love music, and compulsively scrobble everything I listen to. Enjoy exploring novel genres, from Ambient to Zouk.